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Even the highest quality heating systems may require repair eventually. The most common furnace problems you may face include:

Unusual, excessive noise coming from the unit. Some noise is normal but if you notice louder than usual rumbling, rattling, or squeaking, it may indicate a problem. The issue can range from a failing motor to a clogged, dirty blower.

High energy bills. If you’ve noticed an unusual spike in your heating bills but you haven’t been using your furnace any more than usual, it may be due to a lack of furnace maintenance. This can also occur once your unit is 15-years-old or more and can signify it’s time for a replacement.
Insufficient heat. 

A dirty air filter is often the cause of this issue, so make sure you replace yours every three months. However, an insufficient heating problem can also occur when you have broken or leaky ductwork. Or, it can be as simple as inaccurate thermostat settings, either because it’s not set to heat or because your thermostat needs to be replaced.


Water leaks
Any piece of equipment that deals with a lot of water is going to have some water leaks. You will notice puddles of water on the ground around your boiler. While this problem is fairly common, it isn’t something that will go away on its own.

Strange noises
If you hear any new unusual sounds coming from your boiler, it likely means that something has gone wrong. 

Hard water
If your home has hard water, it could definitely cause problems for your boiler. Hard water has high mineral content that can build up inside the boiler tank and pipes. This can reduce the flow of water, and also decrease the efficiency of your boiler. The sediments in the tank can block heat from getting to the water.

Your boiler has a number of thermostats that detect the temperature of the water. If they start to break, it can cause your boiler to heat the water to an improper temperature.

And more
There are a variety of reasons why your heat is not working. What may seem like an easy, DIY-type project should be left to a professional to avoid more damage and future repairs.

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