Single zone up to 15,000 BTU 20+ Seer 10HSPF rated ductless heat pump special

Description of work:
Install a single zone up to15000 btu ductless heat pump system
Standard install
Install indoor wall mounted unit on an outside wall
Mount outside heat pump condenser on the same outside wall
Perform a full nitrogen leak test on the sealed system to ensure that there
are no leaks in the system
Triple evacuate the system and charge to the proper operating pressures 
All refridgerant lines, condensate drains, and communication power wires will
be covered by a decorative cover
Start and check full operation of complete system

Equipment / Material:
1 - Single zone up to15000 BTU ductless heat pump condenser
1 - 12,000 BTU wall mount
1 - Remote controls
25 Feet - Refridgeration line sets
25 Feet - Condensate drain lines
25 Feet - Communication 14/4 wires
1 - Line hide cover
1 - condensor pad
2 - Heat pump risers

5 - Year parts
7 - Year compressor
1 - Year Total Comfort Control labor 

Permit fee
Main electrical